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5 Pro Tips To Get Some Love For Your Brand In 2021

The world is fast changing, and businesses are being left behind. After the devastation of 2020, many companies have closed shop or are not far from it. How is it then, that amongst all this kayos, some companies are thriving? What makes their brand different?

Here we uncover 5 Pro Tips to not only Survive 2021, but to thrive in it.

Pro Tip No. 1… Get Clear On Your Message

It seems simple enough, but it is amazing how many people get it wrong. So many companies put out thousands of mixed messages, despera

te to get any sale. Or they give the same generic values like “best quality”, “Good Value”, “Great Service”. These things are now just expected. You need to stand for more than this.

Discover your company’s why and align it with your customers values. If the message you are projecting does not fit, change it, and keep it consistent. If you don’t know what you stand for, how is your customer going to know. More importantly, why would they choose to remember you?

Pro Tip No. 2… Create Raving Fans

Nothing sells or kills a brand like word of mouth. You want your fans telling everybody how great their experience was with you. Let them do the selling for you. If you want raving fans, you need to up your game with the customer experience. Fun in-store promotions instead price reductions, giveaways to create lasting memories. Make the giveaways non-perishables, so they stick around for longer, reminding the customer how great they felt when they engaged with your brand.

Pro Tip No. 3… Listen To Your Customer

Customers are always providing feedback. They do it via email, Facebook, over the phone, in-person. We have even received the occasional hand-written letter. While it is nice to hear all the positive things about what we do great, it is the criticism you need to look for. These are the comments that contain the most valuable information. Ways to improve, things that will make you look better than your competition. Don’t take this information for granted.

Pro Tip No. 4… Engage Your Customers With Video

The best way to build trust is in person, second on the trust scale is video.. In the current Covid 19 environment, it is not always practical to meet with your fans in person to help build your brand. The next best thing is video. One biproduct of lockdowns is people are spending even more time in front of their screens. So there has never been a better time to capture their attention with short, to the point, personal marketing videos.

Pro Tip No. 5… Don’t Dismiss the Power Of Emails

Email is still one of the most powerful ways to engage your customers and provide them with relevant content. Email data is easy to acquire, easy to qualify, and can be automated in a personal way using customer information. If you provide your customers relevant content on the regular, you will be the first person they think of when it is time to buy.

There are lots of tools to build a successful brand presence in 2021, here we named 5 key tools. The most important thing is to pick a strategy and stick with it until you get it working effectively.

P.S. If you would like to find out how we can help your brand grow its presence in the Australian market, please contact us via our website.

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