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Joojoos  - A Fun Food Experience!

Join The Fun With Joojoos!

Have some fun with your favourite Joojoos characters using our printable activities. We have print and cut jigsaw puzzles and ready to go colour-ins. Simply click on the one you would like to download and when it opens right click and press print. Send us your colour in via facebook and we will share them on our page.

Print Me!

Colour Ins

Blugo Berry Colour In
Ruby Red Colour In
Grizzo Colour In
Wilbo Worm Colour In
Par-Tay Colour In
Kalula Colour In
Fantismo Colour In
Reddy Belly Colour In
Mega Snake Colour In
Swee-Teez Colour In

Jigsaw Puzzles

Blugo Berry Jigsaw Puzzle
Ruby Red Jigsaw Puzzle
Grizzo Jigsaw Puzzle
Wilbo Worm Jigsaw Puzzle
Par-Tay Jigsaw Puzzle
Kalula Jigsaw Puzzle
Fantismo Jigsaw Puzzle
Reddy Belly Jigsaw Puzzle
Mega Snake Jigsaw Puzzle
Swee-Teez Jigsaw Puzzle
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